Hi my name is Chad Burgoyne.

I am the founder and CEO of RMM Studios, LLC, Rich Mutlimedia, LLC and Chad Burgoyne Media. LLC. I also run a daddy blog, A Dads Hockey Blog where I exploit (LOL) my kids and try to share my passion with them about hockey and healthy living.

My Life Story

Growing up I was surrounded by small business owners but I did not know it. I just saw what kind of lifestyles they had. I would visit my Grandparents and see their hard work at raising cattle, that was my first exposure to running your own business. I later found out that my other set of grandparents owned the local gas station and repair shop, which my uncle runs the repair shop to this day. One of my uncles even started his own law firm.

Because of my parents work ethic I was able to live a middle class lifestyle but I would not live a “rich” lifestyle while growing up. Which is kind of funny joke in my family because my grandparents sir name is Rich.

My Work Experiences

For over 20 years I worked my butt off in the corporate world in marketing, communications, tech support, programming and web development for some major and diverse companies.

But, I got to a point where I just knew there was more to life than living for the weekends and a few short holidays every year. I wanted out and took the leap. Literally when I was laid off yet again in 2015.

In 2011 I started my bachelors at the University Of Utah. I shortly found out they had a degree for video games and I was hooked.

In 2014 I started RMM Studios, LLC to help facilitate the making and distribution of the video games I planned on making. I have one title, Melter Man that has been publish on Steam and hopefully on Xbox one. And 3 more in the works.


Currently I am sharing my marketing experences and talents with others so that I can give you more time, money and freedom. So you can live every day to the fullest.

The core values in my businesses are a near mirror copy of the core values in my life:
Have faith. Believe.

Be grateful for what you have.

Give back.

Keep learning. Being Green means your growing!

Follow your heart, then your head.

Work smarter, Not harder!

Keep your stick on the ice!