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Press Release

Group Two + The Factory = The Best Advertising to "Start Up" Your Dreams

Published: May 1st, 2017

Our mission is to show businesses how ads play on their consumer's inner desires and insecurities by peeling back the lens and demonstrating what kinds of techniques are used in various types of advertising, from real estate to medical care.

Most people are aware that ads contain various cliches like the pristine, spotless car racing through the muddy desert or the hot blonde downing a fast food burger, who is probably not characteristic of the actual target demographic. Ads commodify everything from happiness to solitude, and we wanted to show just how these cliches do this.
This campaign hopes to illustrate the fact that we understand how typical marketing works and why people buy, as well as the fact that we will market differently. We understand the psychology behind generic and generalized advertising and why it works, however, we want to bring the world, and your organization, something different.
In reality, we are a factory, our marketing platforms are designed in house and will be wholly unique for your company and expectations. You will not receive a cookie cutter ad.
When you and your company choose us for your advertising needs, we will be delivering you something you will not receive elsewhere. We understand that building a business takes a lot of dedication and time, as we have done it ourselves, which is why we want to help you relax and let us take care of the advertising checkmark of your busy to do list.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns or to start building a brand of your own today. We will reach out to you within 24 hours and discuss your individual company's mission and how we can help you achieve those long sought after goals.


1. Cool pictures, funny cartoons…but what’s the point? 

We started the Behind the Screens campaign because we felt that since we are a marketing company, trying to market ourselves was almost funny. We strove to be very self-aware in our campaign and recognize the cyclical process behind marketing about marketing. In an attempt to break the fourth wall and educate our consumers about why we do what we do, this campaign was born. We think the cliches found in traditional marketing are old and tired and we want our customers to understand that we will be different. They will have a unique, personally branded advertising campaign when they work with us.

2. How do I get involved? 

If you are looking to learn more about our Behind the Screens campaign and why you should trust us over the generic ad formula, please go to our Contact Us page and send us a message about how we can help you and your company thrive.
3. Do you work with my specific type of company?
We work with any and all industries. The examples we have on this site are just some of the many industries we have been involved with. We are excited to expand our portfolio through working with you and other unique businesses.
4. Why can’t I find my industry on your website?
Our portfolio is ever expanding and as we work with more and more industries we will be uploading their stories and fabulous results. If your industry is not yet represented on our site, we would love to work with you and do everything we can to revolutionize your advertising and have you and your company featured prominently on our site.
5. How much does this cost?
Since we do not use cookie cutter advertising, we do not have preselected pricing packages. As we work with you and understand your individual needs, we will discuss pricing for our premium product.


More about the factory can be found here